P & K

Love was definitely in the air with these two!!

This couples’ story started 5 years ago when they first met. It must have been their playful characters that first brought the two together…they are full of energy, passion, and goofiness :)
When I asked P what she loved the most about the her husband I was told, “He sees me better than I see myself sometimes. He gives me confidence, is always a great listener, and even if I make him mad I can always see his love for me in his eyes.”

K proposed to P on a island called San Andres on a romantic star-lit walk on the beach.
I had the privilege of witnessing the fun and passionate love between these two and I hope they never change because they were perfect together!

P & K I wish you endless love. I know you both enjoy exploring so I hope you get to travel the world together. Together is always better!

Best wishes!

{L} Family

A child’s purpose is to be a child. To have adventures, to laugh and love with no bounds, to live and forgive with a pure heart.

Adults are complicated creatures full of secrets and expectations. Take the time to remember what it was like to find joy in the simple things. It’s never to late to be happy!